Artist Engagement During The Pandemic.

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The music business will change as we know it with the world facing the Corona Virus. With people being restricted to the confines of their homes it only leaves the audience to do one thing and that's listen to music. It is critical that the artist keeps creating content and engaging more with fans on social media.

Online engagement with fans is all the more important because so many artist and labels will be rushing to release albums in a small time frame during the later parts of the year. The stronger the digital relationship you can create with your fan base now, the better your fan base will be physically in the future.

With concerts, festivals and shows being canceled until further notice, it leaves the artist with one thing, to engage more and be more creative with their content. More and more people around the world are working from home and we already see traffic across all digital platforms increasing significantly, social networks, streaming platforms and video platforms.

Being social is a normal thing. People at home still want to connect with their friends and family, but also to their favorite artist. Now is the time to maintain that connection with the fans and bring your project to life from home.

If your an artist that has depended on physical sales, especially among an older demographic, you should consider releasing singles or EP's (including tracks from your upcoming projects) to open the door for your future releases. On the other hand, if your an artist who is digitally driven with a very strong fan base, it's actually in your best interest to release your music and content as fast as possible.... NOW!!!

Independent artist this is especially true for you, as you know major labels are postponing a lot of big releases. With fewer new big releases, artist releasing music during this CRAZY time benefit. If they have strong and engaged fan base, they benefit even more.

So my advice to the independent artist, especially the independent hip-hop artist, where 90% of revenues typically come from digital music, it's simple. KEEP RELEASING.

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