My name is Walter Rodriguez and I go by Hungrynhumble21 and I'm the founder of Hungrynhumble21 Consulting LLC, our main objective is to bring value to you in any way shape or form. We love to problem solve and really get ahead of our clients and projects so we can provide the best service possible. We love to communicate and be transparent with every move and direction we see for your path, we are very flexible and work around the clients schedule. We always put the client first and demonstrate clear value by breaking it down into easy steps and pathways to follow. We like to consider ourselves fixers, serving as objective troubleshooters, and providing strategies to prevent problems and improve performance. At Hungrynhumble21 Consulting LLC we create a marketing strategy that emphasizes action over planning resulting in success and a win with value and results, not price. Below are some of the things you would automatically have access to if you do business with Hungrynhumble21 Consulting LLC. Always remember with us it's more than a business its a everlasting friendship.      
 -Studio Producer, Brand and Marketing Manager for Roc Star Studios. Would love to make connections with photographers, videographers and content creators. We love to bring peoples vision to life at Roc Star.
- Booking Manager for Musicon3 a music show creating a platform for artist to display their craft. We enjoy making connections and calling Musicon3 the artist safe house. 
 - Store Owner (1/4) at Prjct1021 a Incubator place and merchandise storefront. Bringing opportunity to the community.
 - Host for Life After Sports Show powered by Life After Sports bringing you insights on sports, interviews, and most importantly bringing awareness to mental health.
 - Radio Personality on NexxLegacy Radio.